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29 Mar 2020

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27 Mar 2020


@365 data science , Something wrong with certificates privacy

Hello 365 Data Science , My Certificates which i have completed in last 4 days was kept by some other person in Linkedin . HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??????????????????????????

There is serious bug in opening certificates in Linkedin.......i.e., whenever i open other person's certificate related to 365 data science course....It it redirecting to my own page of 365 Data Science n my own certificates are opening up @365 Data Science.....

Please go through it once n let me know

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Posted on:

29 Mar 2020


Hi Sai,
What you are opening is not your certificates on LinkedIn.
Instead, the given person has added an URL to the 365 Data Science dashboard.
I presume the URL is something like:
This not an unique URL. Instead it is related to your personal account.
In fact, if you try to enter this URL without being logged into our courses, you'll be redirected to our Pricing page (as it only works if you are logged in).
In other words - people are not pirating your certificates - they are just linking to the platform (instead of a particular certificate). You see your certificates, they see their own certificates. People without an account with us see the Pricing page.

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