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23 Aug 2021

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08 Oct 2020


A practical case study with Pivot Tables related question ( Error)

Hello,   I am in the Introduction to Excel Course and almost finished yet, I am stuck on this problem.   I have followed everything what you said in the course but it keeps showing the error   as shown below. The function is exactly the same as  it was shown in the video.   This from  <GetpivotData is great! Extracting data from the Master Pivot Table> under a practical case study with Pivot Tables   image.png   Can you please help me with this?   Your help would be very much appreciated.   Thank you.
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10 Dec 2020

Hi Seong,  thanks for the query, unfortunately I am unable to open the image you've sent. If you're still experiencing difficulties, would you be able to reattach the image again? Thanks in advance! Best,  365 Eli

Hey 👋 I am hashini. I would like to

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