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21 Nov 2022

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20 Nov 2022


About 21DayFree

Even if the 21DaysFree runs out, will I be able to finish the course and receive a certificate? The same for others courses I enrolled in during the 21 days.

Thanks in advance for your response.


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Posted on:

21 Nov 2022


Hello Lizeth,

Thanks for reaching out!

For the next few hours left, you can take advantage of the complete 365 Data Science Program for absolutely free - this includes video lectures, exams and certificates with no credit card information needed.

However, after today you would need to subscribe to one of our premium plans to continue learning with the full version of the program, as we don't plan on extending our free days access.
The free version of the site has only a limited number of video lectures available for each course.

Hope this helps!

Best wishes and happy learning,
The 365 Team

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