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About Certificates in Linkedin

About Certificates in Linkedin


I have already raised doubt before but  no reply 
so my doubt is that , i saw one person’s certificate in Linkedin related to this 365 Data Science
i have opend it
when i have clicked on it , it is re-directing to my 365 Data Science course n my certificates are opening up instead of his

Happens to me too, I opt to not copying the link in my LinkedIn and just writing down the certificate number

Yes, this happened with mine as well. At first, I just typed the Certificate ID, but upon click, it opened 365 Data Science Linkedin page and later on I uploaded the URL link to the certificate, which as mentioned above when tried to open from someone elses account, opens their 365 Data science account certificate.

10 months
1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Sai,
We are currently in touch with LinkedIn to add our certification to the native LinkedIn choice, but it seems there is some extra bureaucracy involved.
In the meantime, you can add it manually using the instructions here:


10 months
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