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Advanced Excel – Personal Question

Advanced Excel – Personal Question


Hello everyone!,
I have a question regarding Excel. I have two different markets, and when I search for the best place to sell items I need the name of the Excel market sheet to appear based on the result.
To explain better. From those markets I select the best items sold and look for the best sale of those. But I don’t know which is the market with the best sale. So I need to find a function to get the name of the sheet where they sell best.
Thanks for your help!

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Pablo!
Thanks for reaching out.
If I understand your goal correctly, I think that you can perhaps have an extra sheet where you can store this entire information (by referencing the different sheets that represent different markets), and then filter by market.
Then, having a formula that displays the name of the Sheet (I think it may depend on the version of Excel you are using, but INDEX(SheetName, cell-reference) should be displaying the correct output.
In any case, this is a great idea for an exercise, so thank you very much for asking this question!
Hope this helps.

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