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Advances statistical methods with Python

Advances statistical methods with Python


I tried to import dictionaries in Jupyter, then write the code : data = pd.read_csv (‘1.01. Simple linear regression.csv’). After executing, I can see an error making me understand that the 1.01. Simple linear regression.csv file does not exist, whereas I have downloaded it through the link of the attached files provided by the lecturer. I would like to know what I have missed and why you think that I cannot see the data frame related to the Excel csv file once running the code please.
Is there somewhere in my computer that I need to put the above-mentioned file in order that Jupyter can find it?
Thank you.

2 Answers

365 Team

Hi Marie, 
The csv file should be in the same directory as your Jupyter Notebook. That’s probably the loading error is occurring.
Alternatively you could add a directory path to your file, something like:
pd.read_csv(‘C:/Users/Data Visualization/Datasets/1.01. Simple linear regression.csv’)
If you use this method, just make sure you use ‘/’ between directories.

Thank you very much!!!!

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