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19 Oct 2023

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06 Oct 2023


Resolved: An important inquiry

I have serious questions:

1 - as a future data scientist which IDE and exetions do I need to get used to? Please, help me and list all the necessary tools :) So I can download them and use them during my learning journey.

2 - do I need to learn Git and GitHub as a data scientist/analyst?

Thank you very much

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18 Oct 2023


Hi Laith, 

thanks for reaching out! In our courses we use mostly Jupyter notebooks, and you'll find that they have a wide appeal among data scientists. They are additionaly great, because they're user friendly, and beginner friendly as well. But what IDEs you'd need depends mostly on the type of work you're doing. For example VS Code is another popular option, but far from the only one I'd say is good or I'd recommend.

When it comes to git and github I can say from personal experience that I've never used it as a data science professional, so my guess would be that it isn't stricltly necessary. But again, depends on the exact curcumstances and job specificities. 

I'd say as a main goal, you should stay focused on learning the coding and analytical skills necessary for a data scientist, and worry less about the IDEs. Once you've gained more experience with any IDE, changing to a different one, wouldn't be too much of an effort.

Let me know if you have any other data science related questions!


365 Eli

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19 Oct 2023


Thank you very much for your time and support Eli.

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