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23 Jun 2023

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22 Jun 2023


Any replacement of variable "v_curr_salary"

Dear 365datascience team,

Since I can't find any differences in the output of replacing the variable "v_curr_salary" with "NEW.emp_no"

in the "IF" clause, is it a good idea to use "NEW.emp_no" instead of "v_curr_salary"?

What about "NEW.from_date" & "NEW.to_date"? 

I would need your help of some explaination here.

Thank you!

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Posted on:

23 Jun 2023


Hi Chun!
Thanks for reaching out.

Theoretically, you can use it but since you provide values to these columns it does not make much sense to check if they are not null. Please, stick to the provided solution.

Hope this helps.

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