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10 Jan 2022

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14 Dec 2021


Average score on practice exams

hi ...why  my Average score on practice exams is 63% ???
and how to improve it ?

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10 Jan 2022


Hi ahmed,
thanks for reaching out and it's great to learn you're taking the practice exams! You're allowed to retake the practice exams at all times and improve your score.
So, you can either retake the same exam and try to improve your current result or try out other practice exams on the platform and try to score a better score.
When it comes to the course and track exams there are some restrictions as to how often you can retake them, for example in terms of the Track Exams you only have two attempts.
But in terms of practice I encourage you to revisit the lessons prior to the practice exams and then take the exams themselves.
I'd be thrilled if you share an update of your practice score with us at some point :)

365 Eli

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