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01 Jan 2021

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30 Dec 2020


Can’t seem to use SQL properly

When I downloaded MySQL I think I must have skipped something in the installation section. I didn't write any passwords into the "RootAccount" section, and when I opened the MySQL Workbench there weren't any options under the MySQL connections. I tried to uninstall everything related to MySQL, and download it again, but the "RootAccount" section is skipped over or something.
Apologies, I am new here I know it's a bad question, but I didn't find any related question here.


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Posted on:

01 Jan 2021

Hi Anders! Thanks for reaching out. Can you please let us know what operating system you are using? Also, can you please support your question with the code you've executed, as well as with a screenshot containing the entire error message? Only then will we be able to provide a specific answer. Thank you. Looking forward to your reply.

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