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17 Nov 2022

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03 May 2022


Resolved: Chart not showing after filtering

I received this error with no chart showing after doing the filter for the second half of 2008.
"Warning message:
  Removed 5740 row(s)  containing missing values (geom_path)."

I rechecked the code but couldn't figure it out.

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Posted on:

03 Jun 2022


Hi Mohamed

I have the same error and I didn't figure it
So I Rechecked the whole script and compared it with the script in the resources

my error was here

spx_ftse_00_10$Date <- as.Date(spx_ftse_00_10$Date,
                               format = "%m/%d/%y")

when I checked the values of date I noticed that all the years become 2020 not started from 2000 to 2010

the right format is
spx_ftse_00_10$Date <- as.Date(spx_ftse_00_10$Date,
                               format = "%m/%d/%Y")

the difference is the year Letter must be Y not y
capital not small

try this and tell me

good luck


Posted on:

21 Jun 2022


Thank you. It worked!

Posted on:

09 Jul 2022


Hi Mohamed,

It worked well, thank you!

Posted on:

17 Nov 2022


This is ridiculous, but it worked well for me too. I had faced the same issue. Thanks!!!

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