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21 Nov 2022

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18 Nov 2022


Comparing the lecture data and resource data


It may be a small thing, but I still want to confirm if there had been any changes with the 'Sales-products-tz-mod.csv' resource file from when the lecture was uploaded. In 2:04, the MOS values for SaleID_1 and SaleID_2 is clearly JUN 1, 2020, and MAY 2, 2020, respectively. However, in the resource file that I'm using, the dates for these Sale_IDs are JAN 6, 2020, and FEB 5, 2020, as shown below:


If there really is a discrepancy between the two datasets, then the results of the practical exercise would be very different from the lecture.


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Posted on:

21 Nov 2022


Hi Carl!
Thanks for reaching out.
Discrepancies in the datasets might indeed occur due to various reasons. Here, we aim to concentrate on the general principles of working with dates and times and not so much on the values themselves. However, thank you for pointing this out - we'll delve deeper into the particular example in the near future.

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