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20 Dec 2023

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17 Dec 2023


Resolved: Continuous to Discrete

What is the purpose of converting the year and month from continuous measure to discrete?

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20 Dec 2023


Hi Murad, 

thanks for reaching out! To answer your question, there are two main reasons why we transform the year and month measures to discrete:

1. To avoid aggregation: Continuous fields in Tableau are often automatically aggregated (e.g., sum, average). By converting years and months to discrete, you can avoid unwanted aggregation and treat each year or month as a unique entity.

2. Categorical Grouping: Discrete fields in Tableau are treated as categorical data. Converting year and month to discrete allows you to group data into distinct categories based on these time periods. This is useful for comparative analysis across different years or months.
Hope this helps!


365 Eli

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