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course update

course update


Is the course is updates as latest version in 2020 because the survey of stackoverflow etc for SQL is of last 2016.

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Sanchit!
Thanks for reaching out.
The majority of the lectures of the course have been recorded a few years ago, yes. However, we make sure the code is always up to date and if there are changes to be made, we make them as soon as possible. 
Regarding the particular video, thank you very much for pointing this out! I will add updating these pieces of information to our to-do list, so that we update them the next time we are updating the course.
In any case, the information hasn’t changed much. You can see the MySQL is still #1 free database, with an even larger gap with Microsoft SQL Server.
Then, if you scroll down to “Most Popular Technologies” here, you can see that SQL is still in the top 3, although HTML/CSS has surpassed it. 
However, it is clear that all languages in top 3 serve different purposes.
Hope this helps and thank you once again!

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