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20 Nov 2022

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07 Nov 2022


Resolved: creating custom CustomScalar

when i excute thi line code
it give me error

AttributeError: 'CustomScaler' object has no attribute 'copy'


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10 Nov 2022


Hi Mostafa!
Thanks for reaching out.

This error stems from the code you've executed previously in your *.ipynb file. We are aware that this may mean that you have made one of potentially a number of errors, but it is not exactly so. From the screenshot you've shared, it seems that you may have not created the unscaled_inputs in the way shown in the course. Therefore, can you please revise/restart the kernel and re-run all cells in the suggested order, to ensure that this variable contains the relevant content?

Looking forward to your answer.Best,

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20 Nov 2022


I have encounter same issue.

i have followed exactly the same, and also _ _ init _ _ using

self.scaler = StandardScaler(copy=copy, with_mean=with_mean, with_std=with_std)

maybe due to this FutureWarning?


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20 Nov 2022


try this
class CustomScaler(BaseEstimator, TransformerMixin):

def __init__(self, columns, copy=True, with_mean=True, with_std=True):
        self.columns = columns
        self.copy = copy
        self.with_mean = with_mean
        self.with_std = with_std

def fit(self, X, y=None):
        self.scaler = StandardScaler(copy= self.copy, with_mean=self.with_mean, with_std=self.with_std)[self.columns], y)
        self.mean_ = np.mean(X[self.columns])
        self.var_ = np.var(X[self.columns])
        return self

def transform(self, X, y=None, copy=None):
        init_col_order = X.columns
        X_scaled = pd.DataFrame(self.scaler.transform(X[self.columns]), columns=self.columns)
        X_not_scaled = X.loc[:, ~X.columns.isin(self.columns)]
        return pd.concat([X_not_scaled, X_scaled], axis=1)[init_col_order]
i modified the code from the video using this solution on stack overflow, and it worked.

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