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Customer Analytics in Python

Customer Analytics in Python


df_segm_kmeans[“Segment k-means”] = kmeans.labels_

while entering above line…it was creating series in……df_segm_analysis……
what is the reason?
the video from………k means clustering (k-means clustering results).
in your video explanation, you didn’t get that series in the data frame output..

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Ramanjaneyulu, 
the df_segm_kmeans data frame is our regular data df_segmentation + the assigned cluster from each algorithm. So, in this data frame we have a line for each customer, 2000 in total, with a column for their Age, Occupation, etc. and the cluster they’ve been assigned to. So the dimension of this table are 2000 rows by 8 columns
df_segm_analysis, on the other hand, is a summary table for the four clusters and has 4 lines in total. Here, for each cluster we have information on the distribution of each feature: Age, Occupation, Income and so on. When we create it the table has the size 4 rows by 7 columns (though we add 2 additional columns later on).
Hope this clears up the confusion!

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