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Data Cleaning

Data Cleaning

Super Learner

If in the company there are a data Architect/ Data engineer, Data analyst and data scientist. If the Data Engineer do the data cleaning does the data analyst and data scientist have to clean it for the second time? 

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Toni_c!
Great to have you in the course and thanks for reaching out!
It’s all relative and depends on how the tasks between everybody in the data team of the company have been distributed. 
In general, data engineers look for ways to improve the use of raw data to the company, which involves working with database systems as well. Moreover, they often use several programming languages together, aiming to optimise the performance of operations.
The latter does not necessarily fall within the scope of data analysts and scientists. However, it they are supposedly communicating their work to the data engineers, which means that they can point certain patterns and make specific requirements to them. At the end of the day, it is the analysts who are responsible for converting the data into a shape that is suitable for analysis, while it’s the data scientists who are responsible for making most accurate predictions about the future performance of the company. Therefore, analysts and scientists can always further clean and/or preprocess the data if they decide that doing so will be relevant for the given study.
Hope this helps.

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