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01 Mar 2023

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25 Feb 2023


Database becomes empty every time connection restart


The employees database is working fine after I loaded it, but every time I restart my MYSQL, I tried to query the database, but it returns empty, I have to re-run the employees database again then it will work.

Any advice on how I can fix it/make it permanent so that I don't have to re-run to create the database again every time I want to work on the database?

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Posted on:

01 Mar 2023


Hi Jaycus!
Thanks for reaching out.

You can try installing another version. First, uninstall this one and try another older version. Make sure, that you uninstall MySQL Workbench and the Server with the 4 recommended steps.

To remove MySQL Workbench and Server from your Windows computer, you need to go through the following 4 steps (with no exception). Make sure you complete all of them to finish the operation successfully:

1) Uninstall MySQL from Control Panel/Programs and Features

2) Uninstall MySQL from the start menu/Firewall/Allow an App through Windows Firewall (if found there)

3) Remove all files from drive C:/ProgramData/MySQL (if this folder is hidden on your computer, you could search for %programdata% in the start menu)

4) Remove all files from the Windows registry. To complete this step, you need to search for regedit in the start menu. Then, remove all files from the MySQL folder in the regedit editor.

You must complete all steps from 1) to 4) before you can restart your computer and retry installing the MySQL Workbench and Server again.

Hope this helps.

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