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Database Does not Exist

Database Does not Exist

Super Learner

Everytime After I log into my computer again and connect to Benchwork by typing in the password, I will get a error saying database does not exist when I run a query but the database is right there and I can see it. I set EMPLOYEES database as default and included a line ‘use employees;’ , but the error is still there. I close the query and reconnect with benchwork several times, then it works. I do not really know what makes it work.
Another note, after it connects with the error ‘database does not exis’, I lost all the clauses from last session. I am wondering if they are lost or if they are storing somewhere.
Jo Zhou

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Jo!
Thanks for reaching out.

  1. I am not sure I manage to correctly understand what error message do you obtain after running a query (also, what query)? Therefore, can you please support this question with the code of the entire query you are executing, the entire error message you obtain, or a screenshot showing a window that pops up? Thank you.
  2. Unless you have saved your script, then it will have been lost by the next time you open Worbench.

Hope this helps and looking forward to your answer.

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