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07 Aug 2023

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06 Aug 2023


doubting for another logistic regression form :D

from the expression in 1:32, I can say there is the simplest form "by taking exp(B0+B1.x1+B2.x2+....+Bn.xn) common factor":

1/(1+exp-(B0+B1.x1+B2.x2+....+Bn.xn)), Is that correct ? 


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07 Aug 2023


Hey Abdulrahman,

Thank you for reaching out.

Starting from the expression at 1:32, the instructor then performs a cross-multiplication. This is equivalen to finding the common denominator, 1+exp(...), and then removing it altogether.

Let me know if I've misunderstood your question.

Kind regards,

365 Hristina

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