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30 Nov 2021

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30 Nov 2021


Factor analysis and regression analysis

I'm interested in factor analysis and regression analysis (specifically logistic
regression) in R. In the introduction I read that regression analysis would be
handled. Unfortunately I can't find it anywhere.

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30 Nov 2021


We are about to release a bunch of lessons on regression
analysis really soon.

However, please bear in mind that we will primarily be
focusing on linear regression.

Now, although there are only slight differences in the code
for linear and logistic regression, the interpretation of and the motivation
behind the two is quite different.

That said, unfortunately, creating an entire section on
logistic regression is not a top priority for the time being. We may reconsider
this a little further into the future, so thank you so much for your question
(and, effectively, suggestion) :)

If you are really pressed for time, one place I believe you
can find a good overview of this specific topic is the R-bloggers blog (I think
I mentioned it in one of the first lessons).

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