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Failed MySQL Server Installation

Failed MySQL Server Installation

Super Learner

I’ve tried to install MySQL and the Workbench installed OK; however, the MySQL Server status after trying to install is “Failed”. Do you have any idea why this might be? Many thanks.

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Cathal!
Thanks for reaching out.
There are several potential reasons for this problem. 
Can you please confirm that you have never installed Workbench previously on this computer? Please check via Control Panel, Regedit (if you are using Windows), your security software and your drive to see if there are any traces of previous installations?
Finally, can you please confirm you have currently only a single version of Visual C++ installed on your computer? Thank you.
Looking forward to your answer.

Thanks Martin. No, Workbench has never been previously installed on this computer and there is currently only one version of Visual C++ installed on the computer. Any other ideas? Many thanks, Cathal.

7 months