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19 Apr 2022

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18 Apr 2022


Family Deal and Double Delight should be the same number of options

The two were not compared fairly since in the family deal we used variations with repetition and for the double delights, we used combinations without repetition.

if we used Variation without repetition in the family deal example, we would get 12 variations for the drinks which would make them the same.

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19 Apr 2022


Hey Akram,

Thank you for your comment!

Let's discuss the situation of choosing drinks for the Family Deal. The reason we use variations is because we have a small and a large cup, so it matters which drink goes where. However, they do allow for repetition, that is, they can have the same drink in both cups. It would therefore be inappropriate to choose variations without repetition for this situation.

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365 Hristina

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