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14 May 2020

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13 May 2020


Resolved: For loop on R - Only first word is repreated

Hi, I was just following the same syntax as done by you in the video for "for loop" and I am getting only the first word inserted in the new.title. Code: for(i in 1:5){
new.title[i] <- title[1]
}   Console Output: for(i in 1:5){
+ new.title[i] <- title[1]
+ }
> new.title
[1] "Catch" "Catch" "Catch" "Catch" "Catch"     What am I doing worng?
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Posted on:

14 May 2020

Hi Srajan,  thanks for reaching out! In the second line of code, instead of title[1] you should feed the i-th title, otherwise it would always be the first element. Like so: new.title[i] <- title[i]   Best,  Eli

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