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21 Mar 2023

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21 Mar 2023


GETPIVOTDATA and slicers- confusion


when doing Q10 in the course exam I noticed something that confuses me.

If we use GETPIVOTDATA to insert data to GETPIVOTDATA tab for C4 (Ferrero 2018) then, I believed, the number should stay unchanged according to formula = ... "Year";2018;"Manufacturer";"Ferrero").

Whereas, using slicers on our pivot table causes also the change of C4 value:

if I chose another Manufacturer - it showed ADR error,

if I chose Store Type on slicer - then the number for Ferrero was lower, just for this Store Type as well.

All of this happen with the same, unchanged formula in C4 = ... "Year";2018;"Manufacturer";"Ferrero"), nothing more was added.

This puzzles me as I cannot rely on GETPIVOTDATA  to get always the same value.

If I had a table in another sheet, without slicers, this would present the wrong numbers.

Is there a possibility to freeze the change - make it independent of slicers?

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21 Mar 2023


Hi Margaret,

When you use a slicer the pivot table gets filtered. Naturally the output of the GETPIVOTDATA function changes if it contains that respective filter. Slicers are simply good-looking filters:)



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