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13 Jul 2021

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20 Jun 2021


Google Trends analytics with regards to researchers category:

I just would like to reach you out to get answer of one of my question which is not related to any existing course, just thought to check, if I can get any insight.

I would like to know what researchers do or what is the profession of researchers from google trends. For example there is a rising trends of Cost-effectiveness analysis the words that is searched more often as per google trends, but I need to know who is searching this kind of tool? Is it from finance professionals, accountants, GM or students ? In other words I want to know specifically the targeted audience.

Is it possible to know?

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Posted on:

13 Jul 2021


Hi Sumeera,
thanks for reaching out! It's always great to hear from students, who are motivated and learning on their own. From what our marketing team says on the topic, what your looking for is fairly advanced. So you'll probably need to look into some more advanced software or maybe get a paid version of some of the tools. However, I haven't done something similar myself, so its best you keep searching on the topic to explore all your options.
Hope this helps!

365 Eli

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