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15 Aug 2020

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14 Aug 2020



As the Data Science field is completely new for me ,I want to ask you that after completion of this 365datascience program what should i do. Means where should i practice my data science skills which i have learnt in this program ?,  from where should i do the Data Science projects which are free for everyone ? or what should i do to sharp my skills which i have learnt in this program?
Kindly give guidance for this.

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Posted on:

15 Aug 2020

Hi Omkar! Thanks for reaching out. As content creators, we can only advise and provide support for material that we have created and uploaded in our Program. In the meantime, please don't forget that we won't leave the course contents just as they are. On the contrary, we will continuously create and add new materials, and practical cases and more exercises is exactly what we are creating even at this moment. Therefore, please try to complete the entire Program with all exercises attached first. Then, once you've done this, feel free to post another question referring to what kind of exercises you might want to see next. Hope this helps.

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