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04 Oct 2023

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29 May 2023


Resolved: how table came ?

hi, you are not explaining how this table  came.

interval start                      interval end
          -                                                    -

i understood the logic behind it,that our interval width is 20
do we have to write it and count it manually ? am sure it is not

also how we got frequncy table ? manually i can see it is 2, , , , for 1st row
but which function u have used to get that ?
plz explain ,so that it is easy to understand.

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Posted on:

04 Oct 2023


Use the Countifs formula to find out the frequency that lies within a particular range(interval).

Example:  =COUNTIFS(B13:$B$32,">="&F14,$B$13:$B$32,"<="&G14)

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