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15 Feb 2023

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10 May 2021


how to call out procedure if the result has more than 1 row


I got the error when calling out the below, and i found out there were 2 employees with the same first and last name, in such cases, how do we call out both of them?

SET @v_emp_no = 0;
CALL employees.emp_info("georgi","facello", @v_emp_no);
SELECT @v_emp_no;
Error Code: 1172. Result consisted of more than one row

10001 1953-09-02 Georgi Facello M 1986-06-26
55649 1956-01-23 Georgi Facello M 1988-05-04
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04 Jun 2021


Hi Jaycus,
thanks for reaching out! Could you please provide a link to the lecture your question is referring to? This is the data visualization course and the building a dashboard in excel section, which features a data set from an FMCG data base - which doesn't include the rows you've provided as a screenshot.
Also if you did post your original question in another course (possibly SQL), please let us know, so that we can address the issue.

365 Eli

Posted on:

14 Nov 2022


the function results in zero output please specify why


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15 Feb 2023


You need a space after "Sum of ". That should solve that error. **You also need to lock the 'Volumen' cell $B$33 (lioke that) so you can drag to the remaining cells and not get 0.**

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