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29 Dec 2023

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28 Dec 2023


How to evalute the decsion trees? what are the metrics used to calculate like accurancy?

How can we say that the decision tree model that we built is __% accurate where is the section for the same?

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29 Dec 2023



To determine the accuracy of a decision tree model:

1) Split your data into a training set and a test set.
2) Train the model on the training set.
3) Make predictions on the test set.
4) Calculate accuracy using the formula:

Accuracy=(Number of Correct Predictions / Total Number of Predictions)×100%

5) Consider other metrics like precision and recall, especially for imbalanced data.
6) Use techniques like k-fold cross-validation for a more reliable estimate.
7) Review the confusion matrix for a detailed performance breakdown.

For more info on this Please take a look at Section 12 of this course:



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