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14 Nov 2022

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28 Jul 2022


How to make a copy of a list?

When I use data_copy = data instead of data_copy = data[:], it seems after running the sorting both the original list and copy is getting affected. Can someone help me understand why we are using data[:] for making a copy of the list?

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28 Jul 2022


Hey Nirmal,

Thank you for the great question! The observation you've made is indeed very important.

In Python, when you write

data_copy = data

you are not making a true copy of the original list. Rather, you are pointing to it. This means that any changes you perform on the data_copy list would affect the data list as well.

One way to make a true copy of the original list is through slicing, just as Giles has done:

data_copy = data[:]

In this way, whatever changes you make on data_copy won't be translated to the data list. The concept of slicing is explained in Section 6: For Loops, Lecture: Lists.

A yet another way to make a true copy of the original list is by applying the copy() method as follows:

data_copy = data.copy()

Again, any changes made on the data_copy list won't affect the data list.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,
365 Hristina

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14 Nov 2022


Thank you sir

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