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How to use probability in real world?

How to use probability in real world?

Super Learner

The way the probability and specially probability distribution is explained is MOST BORING and totally unintuitive and seems like the person just reads from somewhere and doesn’t care if anybody else could really understands or not. I totally dont get how to use it anywhere, and had to watch so many you tube videos just to get what probability distribution really means, I mean if I Still have to search every topic in youtube I dont see a point in paying any money here. 


1 Answer

365 Team

Hey Chintan, 
Sorry for disappointing you!
We wanted to introduce Probability as a separate course to lay the foundation for the Statistics parts ahead. However, without going into proofs and complicated calculus, we couldn’t show you something that wouldn’t overlap too much with statistics already. 
Hence, many of the Probability Distribution lectures don’t have great quizzes or exercises that go along with them, which makes them harder to grasp. That being said, can you make a suggestion as to how we can improve these lectures to make them more interesting and engaging?
365 Vik

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