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26 Jun 2023

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19 Jun 2023



I need the English Subtitle, please help.

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Posted on:

26 Jun 2023


Hello Bang Ta,


Thank you for your message!


We have checked thoroughly the problem you have reported to us, but unfortunately we couldn't reproduce it and at our end the subtitles are working without any interruptions. Do you mind providing us with the following details, so we can reproduce the problem you have experienced:

Have you installed any browser extensions that could prevent you from watching video lessons? Such browser extensions are "Privacy Badger" and "Hoxx Privacy VPN" for example. Do you use a VPN at all?
Have you tried using another browser?
If possible, you can send us a screenshot! Before providing us with it, please make sure to open the console in your browser first. To open the console, press the Ctrl + Shift + K buttons if you are using Firefox, or Ctrl + Shift + J if you are using Chrome or Edge. After that, take the screenshot by clicking on the Win key + PrtScr buttons, and make sure that both your console and the video player are visible.

If you have any other questions towards us, please make sure to contact us!


Kind Regards,

The 365 Team

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