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I’m not able to solve this problem (COALESCE() – Preamble)?

I’m not able to solve this problem (COALESCE() – Preamble)?


Hi Team,
Thank you so much for your support.
I have completed all the sections in SQL but in

COALESCE() – Preamble I got confused please help me out in this

and if you can I need the syntax for this section.

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Devendra!
Thanks for reaching out.
In this particular Lecture, presented in the form of slides, we set up the departments_dup table in a way that will be convenient for us to work on in our next lesson, where we will actually apply the COALESCE() function. That’s why this lesson relates to the material taught in the First Steps in SQL section.
Please execute all code provided in the slides, and then feel free to move on to the next lecture – IFNULL() and COALESCE().
Hope this helps but please get back to us specifying which part of the code is leading to an error precisely, as well as tell us what error message you obtain, if any.

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