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12 Jul 2021

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07 Jan 2021


Introducing OpenCV

This is not a question, but an answer to a problem people will encounter with this video within the Python Programmer Bootcamp course. Problem: In the video, Giles mentions that we need to use VS Code within the anaconda navigator, and the VS Code tile appears as an app included in the Anaconda environment. However, when I went to run VS Code, I could not find it in either my base environment or my created capstone environment. So I searched the web for answers. Answer: In versions subsequent to the version Giles uses in the video, VS Code is not longer included in the navigator. Solution: You must download and install VS Code externally. Here is a link to the website: Once you have installed it, you must update the navigator, and that should clear up the issue.  Here is a useful thread on the issue:
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12 Jul 2021


Hi Chase,
thank you so much for sharing the solution in the Q & A section! Hopefully other students will find it helpful as well, if they encounter the same problems.

365 Eli

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