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Is frequency distribution a more specific form of distribution?

Is frequency distribution a more specific form of distribution?


By your definition, distribution is a function that shows possible values for a variable and how often they occur. Isn’t that what we did in the frequency distribution table? How does it differ from probability distribution?

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Abdul,

Great to have you in the course and thanks for reaching out.

Let me give you some similarity and difference of a frequency distribution and probability distribution.

A frequency distribution has columns “classes” and “frequency” while probability distribution has values of random variables together with their probabilities which sums to 1.

A frequency distribution can be constructed from a categorical data like gender. We can get the frequency of males and females in a group.

On the other hand, the random variable is always quantitative or numeric.   When we have numeric data, we can get the mean of both distributions.

Hope this helps.
The 365 Team

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