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Is the SQL server not working?

Is the SQL server not working?

Super Learner

I haven’t been able to establish a connection with the SQL server for many days.  When I try to open Local Instance MySQL80, the action output says “Could not connect, server may not be running” with a message: “Unable to connect to local host: 3306”
The SQL Workbench dashboard says: “Server Status: STOPPED”
I can’t use Workbench at all as I follow the SQL course. My paid-subscription learning has hit a big roadblock.
How do I get it working?  Is there tech support, and how do I find it?


After reading similar questions on, I uninstalled everything SQL related, and reinstalled both MySQL Server and MySQL Workbench.  Not only does everything work now, but none of my Workbench tabs were lost.  I still have all of my code and data.

Apparently there is no tech support at 365 Data Science.

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Christopher!
Thanks for reaching out.
I am glad you’ve managed to find a solution and sorry that you are disappointed. We do provide such support as soon as we can, within one or maximum two business days at most.
There are several potential causes for the error you encountered, where starting the server or solving port issues may lead to the solution of the problem, too.
In general, reinstalling the software solves plenty of potential issues (not just this one), but we are careful when advising it, because it is not always the simplest requests for all users and is still a case-specific process.
In any case, good luck with the course and everything else you can find in our Program and please feel free to post another question should you need further assistance. We’ll be very happy to help.
Hope this helps.

Thanks for answering, Martin. Now that I know that there is no way to directly contact 365 Data Science, I won’t expect it. When paying for a service, and the service simply stops, it’s not simply disappointing, it’s extremely frustrating, especially since time is wasting. I fully understand that 365 Data Science doesn’t have any control over outside applications like MySQL Workbench. In light of this situation, why don’t you include some feature that directs users to Stack Overflow or even to a tutorial on how to use it, so that users are more able to solve their own problems and get help elsewhere? This might avoid such issues in the future, and may provide relief to your efforts to answer questions yourself. Just a friendly suggestion for improvement.

3 months

Hi Christopher! Please accept my apologies for the delayed response. Thank you very much for your suggestion. I am glad you are now able to use MySQL, but at the same time, I am really sorry to hear that you are disappointed. In fact, we do answer as soon as we can. StackOverflow can be a great source, but we are happy to help students who are unable to find answers there or need further assistance. That’s why we provide support through this Q&A Hub. Should you encounter further issues, please feel free to post another question and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you!

3 months
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