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Issue with range in loc[]

Issue with range in loc[]


When I am giving loc[:,1:14] it throws an error 

"TypeError: cannot do slice indexing on <class 'pandas.core.indexes.base.Index'> with these indexers [1] of <class 'int'>"

But loc[:,[1,2,3]] is working.

Can you please help me with it?
1 Answer

365 Team

Hey Shrinidhi, 
A general rule to remember is the number of squared brackets on each side should match the number of dimensions the object has. Hence, if it’s just a vector of data (like an array that is part of a series), you can use [ : ], but if it’ more like a matrix (2-D), then you need double squared brackets [[ : ]]. 
365 Vik

Thank you for your answer. But I have used the same command used in the tutorial for the same scenario. Command used in tutorial : reason_columns.loc[:, 1:14]. Command I used: reason_column.loc[:, 1:14] where reason_column and reason_columns both are dummy variables (2-D matrix).

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