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21 Dec 2023

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17 Dec 2023


Resolved: Keyboard Shortcuts not working


I've a question please

The following 2 shortcuts aren't working with me;

Alt-Enter for runnung cell & inserting below

Ctrl+Shift+P for openning Command palette while the other 2 shortcuts are working well wiith me

So would you kindly advice

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Posted on:

21 Dec 2023


Hi Asmaa!
Thanks for reaching out.

It seems like you're experiencing issues with keyboard shortcuts, specifically "Alt-Enter" for running a cell and inserting a new one below, and "Ctrl+Shift+P" for opening the Command Palette, in a programming or text editor environment. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and potentially resolve these issues:

1) Check Keyboard Layout: Ensure that your keyboard layout is set correctly in your operating system settings. Sometimes, the layout might change, affecting how shortcuts are recognized.
2) Software-Specific Settings: If you're using a specific software like Jupyter Notebook, Visual Studio Code, or another editor, check the settings or preferences within that software. Sometimes shortcuts can be customized or may conflict with other extensions or plugins.
3) Update Your Software: Make sure that the software you're using is up to date. Sometimes, bugs related to keyboard shortcuts are fixed in newer versions.

4) Try a Different Keyboard: If possible, test with another keyboard to rule out a hardware problem.

Hope this helps.

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