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KMeans label attribute

KMeans label attribute


How to fix that thing? I was trying to follow the video. Thank you so much.



df_segm_pca_kmeans = pd.concat([df_segmentation.reset_index(drop = True), pd.DataFrame(scores_pca)], axis = 1)
df_segm_pca_kmeans.columns.values[-3: ] = ["Component 1", "Component 2", "Component 3"]
df_segm_pca_kmeans["Segment K-means PCA"] = kmeans_pca.labels_




AttributeError                            Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-52-a697fdea9e43> in <module>
      1 df_segm_pca_kmeans = pd.concat([df_segmentation.reset_index(drop = True), pd.DataFrame(scores_pca)], axis = 1)
      2 df_segm_pca_kmeans.columns.values[-3: ] = ["Component 1", "Component 2", "Component 3"]
----> 3 df_segm_pca_kmeans["Segment K-means PCA"] = kmeans_pca.labels_
      4 df_segm_pca_kmeans

AttributeError: 'KMeans' object has no attribute 'labels_'
1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Liqian, 
You need to fit your kmeans_pca first, for it to have the labels_ attribute.
So, you should make sure you run this line:
before you create the df_segm_pca_kmeans table.
Hope this helps!

lol I kinda did, but I forgot to change it to kmeans_pca. Thanks.

10 months

No worries, glad it’s working! (:

10 months