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Linear Programming/Linear Regression

Linear Programming/Linear Regression


How come I don’t see in any of your courses linear programming or linear regression? I’m going to be starting a masters degree in applied business analytics and I often see those terms come up. I think you might focus on data science but it seems like they cross over a lot.

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Jesse, 
thanks for reaching out! Congratulations on starting your masters, your chosen field certainly sounds exiting!
We don’t have an entire course on linear programming or linear regression. However, we do cover the topic of linear regression in our Machine Learning in Python course. We discuss linear regression, multiple linear regression and show an implementation in Python with sklearn. Here is a link to the first lecture:
Additionally, we use linear regression in our customer analytics course to model purchase quantity probability. That’s more of an applied use of the algorithm, so if that’s of interest here is the link to the first lecture of the section:
Hope this helps!
365 Eli

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