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Lost in Probabilities

Lost in Probabilities


I am about to finish the Probability Module and I must say that while I was doing kind of ok for the first half, I am quite lost in the second part and feel I will have to dig much deeper to understand the concepts.
What do you recommend: accept that I don’t understand everything at this point, continue the course and come back to probabilities when we will need them or is it important to understand everything before moving further?
Are all the concepts from the course used further down or should I focus on some specific ones?
I feel the probability module is very heavy and goes fast on many concepts, notations and definition, I worry the Statistics module will be the same. Maybe it would have been worth it to separate modules, for ex.  probability beginner (where you take more time to explain and have more examples) and probability advanced?
Please do not hesitate if you know of any free ressources to go more step by step. 
Thank you,

2 Answers

365 Team

Hey Lisa, 
Since we tried to draw a line between the Probability and Statistics sections of the course, the former become more theory-heavy and included less exercises (so as to not completely overlap with the latter). 
I suggest going through the Statistics section next, since the two topics are heavily tied together and then revisiting whatever parts of Probability you found confusing the first time around. I believe that the more hands-on approach that comes with the Statistics section will help you grasp some concepts which were left unclear from the Probability part. 
365 Vik


Thank you. I will do this 🙂

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