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23 Sept 2021

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15 Sept 2021


Mr, Alhaji kolo Babagana maiduguri

How to create data subtitles by yourselves, nd how I get certificate from us

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Posted on:

23 Sept 2021


Hello Alhaji!

Thanks for reaching out!

When you go through and complete your Data Science 365 program, you’ll receive two different types of certificates.

– These certificates confirm that you’ve completed an individual course
in the program, such as SQL or Statistics. These are automatically
generated from within the learning platform upon completion, and you’ll
also receive an email notification of the certification issue upon
unlocking. To make sure that you get these certificates automatically,
head into your “Notifications” section within “Account Settings”.

– Once you’ve completed all individual courses, you’ll receive your
Certification of Completion. This will prove that you’ve gone through
all of our courses and now have a wide range of Data Science skills and
knowledge. With this certificate, you’ll be able to supplement your
applications for many related roles within Data Science and Data

Concerning the subtitles, there are many programs that you can use to create subtitles. I suggest you browse them online since advertising software is outside the scope of this channel.

Kind Regards,
The 365 Team

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