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My SQL on Mac (Big Sur) – Uninstall Homebrew – Downloading server directly from MySQL website

My SQL on Mac (Big Sur) – Uninstall Homebrew – Downloading server directly from MySQL website

Super Learner

I followed the instruction to install My SQL Server on Mac with homebrew and was successful. However, When I tried to install MySQL Workbench 8.0 I had issues so I checked some tutorials on Youtube to solve them. I believe it worked.
However, looking at tutorials I realized it seems possible to easily install MySQL Server on Mac without the need for Homebrew. So I have 2 questions:

  1. Is homebrew really needed? Why is it not mentioned in tutorials such as this one?
  2. I would like to uninstall/undo Homebrew and the instructed action I did in order to get the MySQL server directly from the MySQL website. How can I do that? I blindly followed the instructions on Terminal but I have no clue how to undo them.

Thank you for your help,

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Lisa!
Thanks for reaching out.
As suggested in the other thread you opened, did you obtain any answer from the developers?
Otherwise – no, Homebrew is not compulsory and is generally by far the best option to install MySQL on a Mac. Since we started suggesting Homebrew to our students, our Q&A significantly diminished in terms of questions about installation MySQL on a Mac.
Nevertheless, you might be in a different situation. Therefore, to uninstall Homebrew, please execute the script that has been suggested in their FAQ page in Terminal:
Hope this helps.

Thank you. I decided to keep Homebrew for now as everything is working well and I am very happy with the course. I will try o to download the server directly a day I will feel adventurous 🙂

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