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MySQL Installer

MySQL Installer


Hello there 
So i have been trying to install Mysql. In the mysql server there are different versions like MySQL Server 8.0.18 MySQL 8.0.19 MySQL 8.0.16 it goes on and on. My first question is which is suitable to download because in the “How to download MySQL” Lesson the version they used was quite older. Should I still stick with it 
Second question is for the MySQL Workbench does the same apply 

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Chisom!
Thanks for reaching out!
As a general rule – the newer version, the better. So, yes – stick to the newest version of the installer, and in this way you will install the newest versions of both the Server and Workbench. 
Otherwise, although the versions seem to be quite distant from one another (e.g. 5.17 vs. 8.0.19), they are not that different at all particularly for the purposes of taking our course. The differences are slight and we will always help you if an issue related to that or anything else arises.
Hope this helps.

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