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21 Nov 2022

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19 Nov 2022


No sound problem

There is no sound in this video.

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Posted on:

21 Nov 2022


Hello Waqar,

Thanks for reaching out!

Do you mind providing us with a couple of more details about the problem you have came across by emailing us at

Here's what would help:

  • Have you installed any browser extensions that could prevent you from watching video lessons. Such browser extensions are "Privacy Badger" and "Hoxx Privacy VPN" for example. Do you use VPN at all?

  • Have you tried using another browser?

  • Have you checked your internet connection? In some cases poor internet connection may cause such an issue.

  • A screenshot! Before providing us with a screenshot, please make sure to open the console in your browser and to take the screenshot after that. In order to open your console, press the "Ctrl" + "Shift" + "C" buttons. After that a new tab will appear from where you will have to select the "Console" section. After that please make sure to take the screenshot, by clicking the buttons "Win" + "PrtScr" and make sure that both your console and the video player are visible in the picture!

We’ll be waiting for your email!

Best regards,
The 365 Team

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