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25 Apr 2023

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21 Apr 2023


Numbers don't match, am I missing something?

In the table salaries the count of current salaries (whose to_date is>sysday()) is 81635.

However, in the table dept_emp the amount of employees whose to_date is >sysday() = 240024

If we run the  query below, we can see that there are 158489 employees whose salary  = 0

Is it supposed to be this way? Seems counterintuitive.

select de.emp_no, count(s.to_date)
from dept_emp de
left join salaries s on (s.emp_no = de.emp_no) and (s.to_date>sysdate())
where de.to_date > sysdate()
group by de.emp_no
having count(s.to_date) = 0;

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24 Apr 2023


Hi Eugenia!
Thanks for reaching out.

Could you please explain your question with more words and provide additional examples? Thank you.

Looking forward to your answer.

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25 Apr 2023


What I am trying to say is that the amount of current employees is more than the amount of current salaries. (The query that I gave proves it). It seems counter intuitive to me, because, as far as I am concerned, every employee should have a salary. The reason I am pointing it out is because it confused me when I was trying to make sence of numbers regarding this database. 

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