Advanced SQL

with Martin Ganchev and Vladimir Saev

Learn and apply MySQL window functions, common table expressions, and temporary tables to gain a competitive advantage over analysts using SQL.

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Course Overview

Unlike some other programming languages, SQL’s syntax is quite intuitive to understand and use, facilitating many to take their first steps toward working with relational database management systems (RDBMS). But knowing how to apply SQL’s basic instruments—such as aggregate functions, joins, and stored procedures—won’t allow you to reach its full potential. In this course, we’ll extensively cover window functions, common table expressions, and temporary tables to enrich your skill set and toolbox for handling relational databases and reveal plenty of options for data retrieval.

Topics covered

data analysisProgrammingRelational DatabasesSQL

What You'll Learn

MySQL window functions, common table expressions, and temporary tables are highly sought-after tools in the arsenal of every database administrator, data scientist, or data analyst. By completing this course—packed with real-world scenarios and practical problems—you’ll understand and master the mechanics behind each one of these tools, and more precisely:

Get acquainted with and explore such window functions as ROW_NUMBER(), RANK(), DENSE_RANK(), LAG(), and LEAD()
Learn how to use MySQL aggregate functions in the context of window functions
Improve your data retrieval precision by using common table expressions
Simplify and save time in your work with temporary tables
Learn how to combine newly-learned tools with joins and aggregate functions


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This course is not so advanced. It doesn't go deep enough into the concept of windows functions. By the way it's a quite good way to get familiar with the advanced SQL concepts
I has been an enjoyable course that brings me the confidence to better manage my Sustainability Projects requiring knowledge of SQL. It is timely!
Super excellent but just try to attach a link for the dataset, which just directly navigates to dataset download please..
Easily 4-5 stars. I'm only 30% done as I'm reviewing so hard to give 5 stars yet but so far so good B)
A lot to learn. Well I am a beginner in MySQL, so it is quite informative for me.
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Martin Ganchev

“Unlike programming languages like Python or R, SQL doesn’t have a vast library of ready-made tools that allow you to retrieve the desired data by simply executing a short line of code. Mastering SQL requires a comprehensive understanding of the functionality of each of its tools and how to combine them to retrieve specific information from your database. And that’s precisely the challenge we present through the highly practical configuration of this course.”

Vladimir Saev

Worked at PaySafe Group

Advanced SQL

with Martin Ganchev and Vladimir Saev

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