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26 Nov 2023

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18 Oct 2023


"Order By" Clause needn't be added to the end.

I got same result set with and without Order Clause.

Really we needn't use "Order By" Clause again.


1) default order of row_number() window function is in ascending order.

2) default order of partition by emp_no is in ascending order.

3) we also used salary in ascending order in second row_number() function.

This is My answer for Q1. I used subquery that is used just for filtering to know that this employee is manager or not.

select emp_no,salary,row_number() over () as 'Row_Number1',
row_number() over (partition by emp_no order by salary) as 'Row_Number2'
from salaries 
where emp_no in (select emp_no from dept_manager);

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25 Oct 2023


Hi Thet!
Thanks for reaching out.

If you check the first ROW_NUMBER() column for employee 110085, the salaries are not sorted in ascending way. Example:
110085 68195 43 8
110085 70253 44 9
110085 72335 46 10
110085 72727 45 11

So, you can use the ORDER BY clause.

Hope this helps.

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13 Nov 2023


Where is the questions ?! I downloaded the resources ,but I have only answers for the questions ! 
I need database tables to help my understand 

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26 Nov 2023


@Abdulrahman Abdelaziz, you need to use a wider window to see the questions.

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