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10 Nov 2023

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08 Nov 2023


pandas.Series index for date

with this example, does pandas.Series can know date type index at the beginning? What happen if date has format: "dd/mm/yyyy" or "yyyy/mm/dd"?

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10 Nov 2023


Hi Delus!
Thanks for reaching out.

Pandas `Series` objects can handle date type indices, but you need to ensure that the date is in the correct `datetime` format. If your dates are in string format like "dd/mm/yyyy" or "yyyy/mm/dd", you will need to convert them to `datetime` objects using `pd.to_datetime()` before setting them as an index.

When you use `pd.to_datetime()`, you can specify the date format explicitly if there's any possibility of ambiguity (for instance, if the day and month could be interchanged). Once converted to `datetime` objects, Pandas will recognize them as date types and handle them accordingly when set as an index. If the date format is not specified, Pandas will infer the format based on the string format, which may lead to incorrect parsing if the format is not clear or is mixed within the data.

Hope this helps.

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